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The Party


An Audience party where folks can gather and discuss selected topics, such as, “What is the audience?” or “What does it cost for you to be visible in your world?” etc.
{EDAP} will select 15 Art Makers and Art Takers to a Round-table discussion.
At the beginning of the party all 15 Panels will introduce themselves and answer a question posed by {EDAP}.
During the Party - 5 participants will be chosen by the party attendees. Those 5 participants will go on to be a panelist on the {EDAP} Round-table.
For 30-45 minutes we will have an honest exchange between Makers and Takers.
Each month the topics and people will change but the vibe will not.  

15th of every Month

Online for Now - you will get a Zoom link when you sign up.
Space is limited to 100 people


Because we are human beings and need to get to know each other better.



Fill out this form claiming your space as an Art Maker or Art Taker.

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